19 Sep

Flood prevention and first aid training for youth in Boyany

Ukarine Boyany Boyany Boyany City Hall

The personnel of the local informative center will show pupils of grades 10-11 of Boyani gymnasium how a flood prevention system works. The event will present the results of cooperation between Ukraine and EU to the youth to give them basic knowledge of the mechanisms and systems of financial support provided to the projects which are aimed at improvement of the life standards. Relating to the selected project's context they will also receive practical knowledge about how act in emergency situations requiring first aid skills.

Programme of the day

  • Presentation of the "Increase of life activity safety in the valley of the river Prut"
  • Acquaintance with emergency communication system
  • Attendance of the local Informative center to show pupils how does the flood prevention system works
  • Short first aid trainings

Participants of the event

  • Boyani village Head
  • Representatives of Chernivtsi region
  • Emergencies Department Representatives of Public Association "Agency of economic development and cross‐border cooperation"
  • Pupils of 10‐11 grades of the gymnasium
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