23 Sep

Ziua Cooperării Europene. Concert.

Romania Drobeta-Turnu Severin Pădurea Crihala Parcul Pădurii Crihala
Romania - Serbia Romania - Serbia

The fifth anniversary of European Cooperation Day will bring on the Romanian-Serbian border a three days celebration event. In the third day, we invite you to join a spectacular concert which will bring on stage beautiful music from Romania and Serbia. We invite you to discover and celebrate the success of Romanian-Serbian cross-border cooperation with these two amazing bands which represent the true spirit of the Balkans: Pragu`de Sus and Vrelo.

Pragu`de Sus (Romania) - some people consider the boys as a pop-rock-band, others might say that they are playing an alternative-folk music. They will bring on stage their most beautiful folk-love songs or the energy and the poetry of the Romanian music. In the past, Pragu`de Sus played with great musicians from Romania like Mircea Baniciu, Mircea Vintilă, Vlady Cnejevici, Ducu Bertzi, Horea Crișovan or Marius Bațu. 

Vrelo (Serbia) is a band founded at the very beginning of 1996. Vrelo performs Serbian traditional vocal and vocal-instrumental music, with original arrangements. Their music is simple, natural and logical. The girls had lots of performances at big festivals and in many European Union cities like Paris, Berlin, London, Oslo and Prague. Vrelo has had the great luck and privilege to cooperate with a few top artists from the Balkans like the director Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra.

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