Sep 21

Attractour project – Croatian school visit

Čakovec, Croatia
21 Sep - 21 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

Project Attractour is a tourism project selected for funding by the Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme. It aims of converting the region’s cultural heritage assets to tourism attractions. The Lead Beneficiary (REDEA development agency, Čakovec) with the other Beneficiaries (Međimurska County and its tourist board, Town Letenye and University of Pannonia- Nagykanizsa Campus) will organise versatile programme for the EC Day. First in the morning the students from the Croatian grammar school in Budapest (HOŠIG) will visit Letenye and Čakovec, learn how the cross-border co-operation functions in practice. They will also have guided tour in Čakovec, with the focus on joint Croatian-Hungarian cultural heritage, with the emphasis on Zrinski/Zrínyi.

After that a kick-off conference will take place in Čakovec. It will host besides representatives of beneficiaries, tourism and other stakeholders, from Hungary and Croatia.