Sep 21

“Discover the other, Become another!”

Orestiada (Greece)
21 Sep - 21 Sep
09:30 - 13:30
English, Greek, Bulgarian

“Discover the other, Become another!”  is the message Greece-Bulgaria is adopting for this year’s celebration of EC Day.

Our objectives are to promote the cooperation in the cross-border region: a) by urging people to donate blood and b) by showcasing museums’ role in the field of education

Our events will unfold in two fields, aiming to inform various groups of people while touching the sensitive subjects of education and solidarity.

BULGARIA, 20/9/2017

Haskovo: Regional Museum of History (


  • A post card exhibition featuring interactive presentation of the history of the post cards

A one-day exhibition at the Regional Museum of History (RMH), Haskovo dedicated to 20th century post cards is foreseen.  The post cards follow the changes in the appearance of selected Bulgarian and European cities throughout the last century. Museum staff, trained within a joint Greece-Bulgaria cooperation project (see additional information below), will prepare and present in an interactive way the history of post cards as a mean of communication widely used in the near past.

  • An educational entertainment “Treasure Hunt” game.

For the youngest participants of the event an educational entertainment “Treasure Hunt” will be organized. Using booklet-questionnaires, the participants will search and find specific objects (treasures) from the museum’s permanent exhibition. The fastest/most successful treasure-hunters will be awarded with small gifts. The recommended number of participants in one round of the game is 15 with a duration of approximately one hour per round and the maximum number of rounds is three – e.g. three hours in total.

GREECE, 21/9/2017

Orestiada: Central Square of the city (http:// , http:// )


  • An open air desk will be installed in the central square of the city of Orestiada aiming to raise awareness about donating blood. “You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life”

A one-day event which shall be the talk of the town! Music, balloons, leaflets, small presents and lots of volunteers will share their smile and give information on the sensitive issue of blood donation. Two primary school visits have been arranged at the desk while representatives of the Municipality having participated in Greece-Bulgaria Programme as beneficiaries will be present.

  • A mobile blood donation unit will be welcoming blood-donators

The mobile unit  will be present in the central square in order to collect blood, expecting to welcome more than 40  donors. The collected blood will enrich the blood stocks of the local hospital.

  • Blood donation volunteers’ torch race
  • The 15th Panhellenic blood-donation volunteers’ torch race is organizing an evening event, in which the Flame of Love, as it is called, passes through all cities of Greece, through a festive atmosphere in order to end its route to the town that hosts the final celebrations.