Sep 30

Business Breakfast, Neighbourhood Roll and Pancake Party for the youth of Pskov city

Pskov, Russia
30 Sep - 30 Sep
10:30 - 13:30

In the context of the European Cooperation Day 2017, the Estonia-Russia and Latvia-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programmes are organizing an event focusing on raising awareness of youth and locals about cross-border cooperation, its essence and benefits thus demonstrating attractiveness of Pskov border region for young future University graduates.

Students together with cross-border cooperation actors (representatives of different business spheres) will start celebrating European Cooperation Day during Business breakfast discussing challenges and benefits of holding business in border region and exploring how people of all ages can benefit from cooperation with neighbouring European countries.

It is expected that a 6-meter length Neighborhood Roll will be filled with national Russian, Estonian, Latvian fillings and rolled up by the representatives of three countries altogether thus symbolizing cooperation of Russia, Estonia and Latvia.

Pancake Party is awaiting students who will be also involved in cooking traditional for all three countries potato pancakes and spreading them to those who will answer questions about neighbor countries.

The activities will be held on Zolotaya naberezhnaya (1/2 Sovetskaya naberezhnaya, Pskov). We expect around 100 participants who will discover during the event that Europe is very close in our everyday life.