Sep 21

Celebrate European Cooperation Day in Viborg

Viborg, Denmark
21 Sep - 21 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

On 21 September at Viborg’s International School, we will celebrate European Cooperation Day 2017.

Talks, quizzes and games will fill out the day showcasing how Region MidtJylland connects to Europe (and vice-versa).

Pupils between 11-16 years old will celebrate European Cooperation in Viborg. They will see, hear and learn about the European Union. They will discover how Europe is present in their everyday life and will explore how people of all ages can benefit from European Cooperation.

What is Europe? What does it really do for people? How could we make a change? How is cooperation making life easier, safer and more fun across different cities and regions? This aspect of Europe is not often visible to everyone, let alone to younger people. Europe is something remote, detached from our everyday experience.

The idea of celebrating Europe at a school is a great way to connect with young people and discuss how the EU affects their day-to-day lives. It is also a chance to “give Europe a face” and to take part in discussions with school students on European issues of interest to them and a fun way of getting in touch with the next generation of Europeans. Maybe even more importantly, it is a great opportunity to find out what young people want and expect from Europe.

The Viborg International School educates students to become world citizens, sharing humanity and cultural diversity as its core values. Interact will share information, organise games and award prizes to spread awareness of the European Union.