Sep 30

Cross-border Crafts Fair

Pernik, Bulgaria
30 Sep - 30 Sep
11:00 - 13:00

Cross-border Crafts Fair

The Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria – Serbia Programme will organize an open crafts fair on 30.09.2017, at the the city square of Pernik (Bulgaria).  The aim of the European cooperation day celebration for 2017 is to promote the ideas for preservation and development of cross-border crafts. To this purpose, Serbian and Bulgarian craftsmen form the regions with preserved traditional  crafts will take part in the event. This includes craftsmen from Pantelei (Nis, Serbia) and Radomir, Kyustendil, Sofia, Dragoman, and Yardzilovtsi (Bulgaria).

Practical demonstrations of crafts

All guest will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the crafts and artifacts of the fair. Professional craftsmen will perform short demonstrations, suitable for different types of audience. The artists will present different types of craftsman handwork: Knitting, Maize leaves weaving, Pottery and clay works, Leather shoes making, Home-made soaps, Herbal bags, etc. These demonstrations will serve as one of the main attractions during the event and will include people from the audience.

The celebration is open to the general public of the cross-border region. All participants will receive raffle tickets. Randomly selected ticket holders will be given small gifts – promotional materials and traditional crafts items, as souvenirs.