Sep 21

Third edition of EC Day Film Festival

Valencia, Spain
21 Sep - 23 Sep
18:00 - 23:00

European Cooperation Day 2017 will be celebrated in the city of Valencia with the third edition of the European Film Festival. The emblematic institution “Filmoteca of Valencia” will host from 21 to 23 September 2017 this Film Show, which portrays the achievements and results of cooperation between European regions. The festival will feature a selection of films showcasing the different facets of cooperation between regions, ranging from intercultural understanding among people to joint cooperation actions and migration flows.

This year, three movies will be displayed: “A perfect day” (by Fernando León), “Goodbye, Berlin” (Fatih Akın), and “The other side of hope” (Aki Kaurismäki).

The kick-off will take place on 21 September in La Nau (University of Valencia) and it will gather many political and cultural actors from the Valencian region.