Sep 27

Sports competition in a cross-border area between Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Petrich, Bulgaria
27 Sep - 27 Sep
11:00 - 15:30

The IPA CBC Bulgaria – the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia programme is organising a sports event in the town of Petrich (Bulgaria) in the multifunctional sport hall “Arena Petrich” (built under the project “Support for mass sport in the cross-border area of the Municipality of Petrich, Bulgaria, and the Municipality of Serres, Greece”). This action is  implemented under the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria – the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia programme.

The idea of this year’s celebration of the EC Day is through sports events and competitions of young people from the schools in Petrich and Strumitsa to promote cross-border cooperation.

The whole event will consist of three matches in football, basketball and volleyball with teams that will be in mixed form with young players from both countries.  All competitions will be monitored by coaches, judges and delegates from both countries, and there will be a music program from the DJ and the host of the event.

At the end of each match, each participant would receive one medal for participation in the celebration of the EC Day 2017 and the advertising materials of our Programme.