Sep 22

European Cooperation Day – Dan Evropske Saradnje

22 Sep - 22 Sep
15:00 - 17:00

Romanians and Serbians will celebrate once again the cross-border cooperation activities, during the European Cooperation Day event in the Kikinda city center.

Come with us to celebrate:

  • The great relationship between two states united by the common desire to have a brighter future.
  • The success of many projects developed within the cross-border cooperation programmes between Romania and Serbia, which improved the life of the citizens along the common border, in various fields like education, the protection of the environment, medicine, economic development and tourism.
  • The results of the past and the common aspirations for the future, which helped us build a beautiful and lasting relationship between Serbia and Romania.

Starting at 3 p.m. Serbian time, you are invited to listen to the voices and guitars of two musicians representing the link between Romania and Serbia: Călin Bârcean and Milan Lepedat.