Sep 16

European Cooperation Day in Poland

Szczawnica, Poland
16 Sep - 16 Sep
09:00 - 18:30

On 16 September,  in Szczawnica (Poland), the Annual Event of the Interreg Program V-A Poland Slovakia will take place. This year’s edition will be organized jointly with celebration of the European Cooperation Day 2017. The main themes of this year are multimodal transport and education. The location chosen for the event is not accidental. Short distance between Szczawnica (Poland) and Lesnica (Slovakia) provides ideal conditions for carrying out the main attraction of the day – multimodal running&cycling race. The ability to choose between running and cycling mode on the same route will directly refer to the specificity of multimodal (interchanging) transport. Moreover, being inspired by the EC Day theme ‘to go far, go together’ we want to encourage people to use sustainable transport (e.g. bikes) more widely.

The second big attraction will be a Polish Slovak salsa training, led by a qualified trainer. The educational aspect combined with multicultural fun will create an atmosphere of genuine cross-border cooperation. After salsa two regional bands from Polnad and Slovakia will be performing on the stage. Both groups are well known local artists whose music is inspired by the beauty and diversity of Polish and Slovak borderland.

The whole event will be divided into 2 parts. Morning session is focused on the sport and active entertainment (multimodal race). Afterwards the artistic and performing part (picnic) will begin.

More information avaliable on our website (Polish version and Slovak version)