Sep 08

Get In Touch With Nature

Brno, Czech Republic
08 Sep - 08 Sep
10:30 - 15:00

Interreg V-A Austria – Czech Republic

On September 8th it´s all about nature, Austria and the Czech Republic, within the frame of Interreg.

We´ll visit sites of successful projects, which have as a mutual aim: creating a conscious attitude towards nature.

The interested public can see how one of the EU´s most important aims – sustainability – finds its way into people´s lives in a playful way.


In two places on the countryside around Brno in the Czech Republic we´ll hear about courses for children to teach them about organic gardening

and health and we´ll see  how garden-therapy for the elderly and people with special needs works.

In the meantime children from Austria and the Czech Republic will discover an adventure-path in the woods with a bilingual guide.