Sep 21

Interreg SKHU projects serving public interest 3/5

Bratislava, Slovak Republic
21 Sep - 21 Sep
10:00 - 12:00

Roundtable discussion about Silver Economy in Bratislava

Round table with the attendance of the State administration’s representatives with the topic of regional silver economy (examples and experiences). During the event the concept of “Silver Economy” will be discussed along with the related domestic and EU developments. Additionally, issues such as workplace cooperation between generations, related research topics as well as the domestic and European practice within “Lifelong guidance (LLG)” will be tackled. The international and Hungarian experience of social associations will be analyzed. By the realization of the project we will strengthen the cross-border cooperation of public and private institutions, cooperation between the government and the corporate sector, industrial sector, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and with the organizations representing the elderly people as well, with the objective to support the development of silver products and services.