Sep 26

The next generation: ENI CBC engaging with youth

Brussels, Belgium
26 Sep - 26 Sep
12:00 - 18:00
Working with universities and cultural initiatives

The TESIM project’s overall aim for this year’s EC Day is raising the profile of ENI CBC among young people in Brussels. The event on 26 September marks the start of the process to achieve this goal. This is thanks to TESIM’s partnerships with both IHECS, a Brussels-based university specialised in communication, and Bozar, the museum of fine arts in Brussels. Masters students from IHECS have the chance to engage with and discover several ENI CBC programmes. An audio-visual tool created by the students will be the result of this dialogue process. The students’ understanding of the nature of cooperation at the external borders of the EU will be captured through this tool. In May 2018, the audio-visual tool and associated communication products will be given more visibility through exposure at a public exhibition organised by Bozar.

Bringing ideas to life

The EC Day event at the IHECS university in Brussels marks the “kick off” of this entire initiative. Here, a group of Masters students will have the opportunity to meet ENI CBC programme representatives from both Member States and Partner Countries. The students will find out more about what these programmes achieve at the external borders of the EU. Interactive methods including storytelling, a world cafe set-up and speed dating will be used. Short film clips will be gathered during the event of students’ first impressions of the programmes and the topic of CBC. At the end of the event, 10-12 Masters students will be matched to their “ideal” programme through the speed-dating session. Visits to the respective programme areas by the students in November 2017 will then be organised. During these, the students will gain a first-hand insight into the added value of CBC and meet those individuals on the ground that bring cooperation to life. These visits will form the basis of the audio-visual tool to be produced and further promoted in 2018 to a wider audience.