Sep 22

POCTEP cultural, environmental and sports activity with young students on the Spanish-Portuguese border

Badajoz, Spain
22 Sep - 22 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

This year, the Spain-Portugal Programme (POCTEP) takes part in the commemorations of the European Cooperation Day with the organization of a cultural, environmental and sports activity with students of 1st year of compulsory secondary education, on 22 September in Badajoz (Spain).

The activity aims to promote, inform and raise awareness between young students about the European Cooperation Day and the benefits of European territorial cooperation.

The students will first visit the Fort of Saint Cristóbal in Badajoz, an historical fortress recovered with ERDF funds in the framework of the previous POCTEP programme 2007-2013 project “Baluartes”. Afterwards, they will walk until the Guadiana river, a symbolic natural element of the Spanish-portuguese border, where a didactic chat and a workshop on invading species, such as “lily pad”, will take place. This activity will be carried out by the lead partner of the POCTEP project “ACECA”, about control and eradication of “lily pad” on Guadiana river. Finally, students will have an opportunity to participate in a multisport activity and canyoning in Guadiana river and park.