Sep 26

European cooperation in the floriculture sector – Public conference

Sanremo, Italy
26 Sep

The promotion of  a sustainable floriculture and the joint management of risks related to the plants contamination is a common challenge for researchers and practitioners across the border between Italy and France.

With this event, two projects funded by Interreg Italy-France Maritime (IS@M) and Interreg France-Italy Alcotra (Finnover) will present their work to support research and the development of more sustainable techniques in the floriculture sector. In this occasion, the projects’ partners will also discuss the crucial role of European Territorial Cooperation in addressing common challenges related to the preservation of natural heritage in cross-border areas.

The event is organised by Agroinnova (University of Turin) in cooperation with the Regional Institute of Floriculture of Sanremo.

To find out more about the IS@M project, visit the website:

To find out more about the Finnover project, click HERE