Sep 20

Final event for Schools

Lviv, Ukraine
20 Sep - 23 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

On 20-23 September, 24 school teams from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine will come to Lviv, Ukraine to attend the Final event within Educational Campaign for Schools. 96 children from cross-border areas of the three countries are looking forward to this meeting.

Six months before they submitted their applications for the contest and had to compete with other schools in their regions. This year’s Campaign is devoted to the heritage theme. Therefore, within the contest, children took selfies with interesting objects of the past, shot videos about their homeplaces and represented their idea of heritage visually. Now, the selected teams are getting ready for their trip to Lviv – a multicultural city, rich in history and tradition.

During the Final event, the participants will work in mixed cross-border teams, completing challenges in a station game. The tasks will be related to the history and culture of the three countries, traditional arts and crafts. The children will also have an opportunity to work on joint projects, related to visual art, music, dancing, fashion and museum work. Finally, a beautiful Italian Courtyard in the Lviv Museum of History will become a scene of project presentations. Of course, leisure time is on the agenda too, with sightseeing, active games and disco.

The History
CBC Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine has been organizing Educational Campaign for Schools since 2014. It’s extremely popular among the school youth of the three countries. The Final event takes place in different cities in the cross-border area. About 300 children took part in the event in the previous years. Every time the participants bring back home presents, souvenirs, good memories and unique experience of cross-border communication.