Sep 17

Public conference: the use of alternative fuel for a more sustainable maritime transport

Bastia, France
17 Sep - 17 Sep
09:30 - 13:00

The conference focuses on the use of Liquefied Natural Gaz (LNG) as an alternative, cleaner, fuel for maritime transport. It is an occasion to celebrate european territorial cooperation and showcase the contribution of european cross-border maritime cooperation to improve the sustainability of maritime transport in the Mediterranean.

The event is organised by the “Office des Transports de Corse”. It aims at presenting the projects related to the use of cleaner fuel for maritime transportation, that are funded by the Interreg Italy-France Maritime Programme.

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More about the cluster of projects related to the use of LNG:

In order to anticipate the European Parliament’s directives on cleaner, alternative fuel, a group of Italian and French partners has developed 4 projects to promote and support the use of LNG in the activities related to maritime transport. These partners are: Office des Transports de Corse, Region of Sardinia, Region of Liguria, Region of Tuscany, Chambre de Commerce e d’Industrie du Var, Autorità di Sistema portuale del Mar Tirreno settentrionale, and the Universities of Cagliari, Genova and Pisa.

This cluster of projects aims at supporting ports in the cooperation area to define and test solutions for the supply of LNG, promote the use of LNG in maritime and port operations, and define and integrated system to fort LNG distribution.


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