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120 events in more than 30 countries celebrated European Cooperation Day 2014. 

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      POCTEFEX Project's Idea Contest
      Concurso de Ideas de Proyecto POCTEFEX

      Start date of event: 2012-09-01

      End date of event: 2012-10-01

      Programme Website: http://www.poctefex.eu/

      Municipality City: Algeciras

      Country: Spain

      Address: Avenida de Villanueva, 2,
      (Edificio KURSAAL)

      Postcode: 11207

      Name of the contact person: Basi Pizarro

      Opening hours from: 11207

      Opening hours to: 11207

      Languages: English

      Target group's for the event:


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      • Before 21.9.14
      • On 21.9.14
      • After 21.9.14

      European Cooperation Day 2014 - Be part of it!

      On 21 September 2014 and the surrounding days you will have one opportunity to join your “neighbour” in celebrating the achievements of more than 20 years of territorial cooperation in Europe in your region.

      In the past two editions, people cycled together, sang together, ate together, and in general had a wonderful time in each other’s company in hundreds of local events organised by territorial cooperation programmes in over 30 countries.

      Supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament, European Cooperation Day invites all Europeans again this year to get out and meet your neighbours at one of the events showcasing project results or highlighting the importance of territorial cooperation.

      'Sharing borders, growing closer' is the motto for the celebration of this spirit of cooperation throughout Europe and beyond, as territorial cooperation also involves neighbouring countries of the EU.

      This year, the kick-off event of the campaign took place on 16 September in Milan, under the auspices of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It showcased the achievements of the European Territorial Cooperation through some flagship events. Additionally, the winners of the video contest 'Border issues, border solutions' were invited to this event in which they received their awards.

      Flagship stories

      Project name: Common Information to European Air - CITEAIR II

      Programme name: INTERREG IVC

      YouTube channel

      The promotional video of European Cooperation Day 2014 highlights the significance of territorial cooperation projects in Europe and neighbouring countries.

      The promotional video of European Cooperation Day 2014 – short version.