European Cooperation Day 2013 has come to an end with 173 events celebrated in 32 countries. In this respect, 61 territorial cooperation programmes have organised events in 145 cities.

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POCTEFEX Project's Idea Contest
Concurso de Ideas de Proyecto POCTEFEX

Start date of event: 2012-09-01

End date of event: 2012-10-01

Programme Website:

Municipality City: Algeciras

Country: Spain

Address: Avenida de Villanueva, 2,
(Edificio KURSAAL)

Postcode: 11207

Name of the contact person: Basi Pizarro

Opening hours from: 11207

Opening hours to: 11207

Languages: English

Target group's for the event:


Download: Link

  • Date of event:
  • 20/9 and older
  • 21/9
  • 22/9 and after

European Cooperation Day 2013 - Be part of it!

On 21 September 2013 and the surrounding days was one opportunity to join your “neighbour” in celebrating the achievements of more than 20 years of territorial cooperation in Europe in your region.

Personally supported by EU commissioner Johannes Hahn and by European Parliament member Marie-Thérèse Sanchez-Schmid, European Cooperation Day invited all Europeans again this year to get out and meet their neighbours, joining in the fun with them at one of the events that was showcased both results achieved and ongoing projects, bringing European neighbours even closer.

Find out about the events that happened on the map above and major achievements of Territorial Cooperation (Flagship stories), as well as information on what territorial cooperation is in Europe. To keep yourself updated, follow us also on facebook, twitter and youtube.

“Sharing borders, growing closer” is the motto for the celebration of this spirit of cooperation throughout Europe and beyond, as territorial cooperation also involves neighbouring countries of the EU.

Following the first European Cooperation Day organised in 2012, this year people cycled together, sang together, ate together, and in general had a wonderful time in each other’s company in around 180 events in 31 countries.

European Cooperation Day 2013. Sharing borders, growing closer: Be part of it!

Flagship stories

Project name: Network of Danube Waterway Administrations - NEWADA

Programme name: South East Europe

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This is the promo of the 'European Cooperation Day' 2013, aiming to celebrate the achievements of territorial cooperation in the European Union and neighbouring countries.

The EURSafety Healthnet Project works to reduce the spread of multi-resistant hospital bacteria between the Netherlands and Germany.